From Junk to Jewel – Preserving The Past by Giving Old Metal New Life

One positive thing can be said about the recession – rusty, hidden and forgotten old relics are being unearthed by collectors and wanna-be collectors everywhere. They all have the same goal – whether it’s a money-making venture by someone who had no idea what treasures they had stored away or a serious collector who wants/needs to add to the classic memorabilia he or she has be amassing for years. Turning rusty old items into cash-in-the-pocket or a piece of art for their collection is the mission but it is no easy task.

Al Lambeth with Whiplash Customs has filled that need by providing quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and a flawless finish to anything from A to B that is vintage, metal and in need of some tender, loving care. Priceless artifacts need not be forgotten or thrown away as being too far gone. Here is an opportunity to bring the past back to life.

What started as a custom hot rod business, expanded into custom bike building and in the past few years, has expanded again into vintage restorations. Al loves history and you can see the excitement and care that goes into restoring these old treasures.  What have you got hiding in your closet, attic, garage, shop or even under that shrubbery in the back yard that appears to be a candidate for “rust in peace”?  Old gas pumps and lubsters from long-ago service stations, candy or vending machines from those delightful old 1940’s and 1950’s diners, barber chairs from the 1930’s, tricycles and bicycles that you or your mom or dad pedaled around the block, antique slot machines and cash changers – the list never ends. Metalwork was the way everything was built back in the day.  That’s why we all say “they don’t make ‘em like THAT anymore!”  How true that is!

Al is to Canada, what Rick’s Restorations is to Las Vegas.  This is a special talent that only comes with a genuine passion for old metal, a keen interest in the past and how things were built and worked plus a true, creative vision that can see that rusty old unrecognizable lump of something for what it truly was and can be again.

In today’s plastic world, we not only have a desire but a responsibility as well, to preserve what is left from a time we will not see again.  Rust is a cancer and will destroy what is left unless the right drug is prescribed.  That drug is Whiplash Customs. Al will have a look at your rusty old relic and use his talent and magic to give it a new lease on life. It will still look original as it was when new, but now it will have the opportunity to make memories again, enjoyed by many and lasting lifetimes. 

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