That ’70s Bike

When Tim H. started the conversation with Al about building him a retro-style custom bike, the energy around those ongoing conversations continued to grow.  Both fans of old school bikes, this proposed '70s style of awesome ride fed the creative fires.

Starting with a Kraftech 38 degree chopper frame, wrapped around a rebuilt 1977 HD 93 cubic inch Shovelhead Stroker engine and a new Ultima 6 speed transmission with foot clutch, this bike was taken to a whole new level of "gotta have that!"  The polished skull-mounted suicide shift lever only added to the cool factor along with the 4 over Springer front end and super-attractive Ultima King spoke wheels. This bike was speaking volumes about the 1970s style while incorporating the power and new beauty available with today's custom bike building techniques. 

We first took it to the fundraising show Rock n Roll for Little Souls as a rolling chassis, fully under construction. The unfinished project grabbed attention and inspired much discussion around whether to leave it as is (killer look as it was – see image) or whether to finish it and how it should look.  

But Al had a plan and he put a lot of pride and detail in the finished paint job which is a metal flake candy red over a maroon base.  The midnight black accents give it style and edge to the look that make it stand out from all others. The addition of using a vintage microphone for a tailight ensured its uniqueness and complemented the mic-style headlight as well.

When Tim's bike was finished, we took it to the Torque Masters Car Show in Sidney.  Many who had seen it at the fundraiser could not believe it was the same bike, however they did recognize the classic style and hard-core look the unfinished project had at rolling chassis stage.  This bike was still a thing of rugged beauty but with a finish that rocked – we received unbelievable and non-stop positive feedback. Offers to buy the bike came fast and furious but Tim had his dream bike and it wasn't going anywhere except home with him. Al was sad to have it leave the shop but he has plans of his own to build another. It would be a challenge to top this project but Al does love a challenge!



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