The Greatest Toys

Not every kid back in the day had the privilege of getting a pedal car for his or her birthday or Christmas.  But those that did, still hold the happy memories of whipping up and down the streets and sidewalks in their shiny new automobile.  They were the envy of the neighborhood and if you were a true friend, the owner of that shiny new ride would let you take a turn.

These two latest pedal cars that Al restored came from different eras but still held the same magic for the kids pumping the pedals and steering the wheel. 


The burgundy car is a 1941 Steelcraft brand – Chrysler and pretty sought after for collectors. This one is completely restored to period correct and authentic colours along with having original wheels and accessories. Look at the airplane hood ornament, just screams cool for back in the day!
The blue one is an early 60's Murray brand , with what was called a "toothgrill " pedal car because of that particullar grill shape. These came with bodies the same but decaling was changed to refleect different cars, this one being a Dodge Charger.
Today's ride-on toys just don't hold the same magic and appeal.  Plastic has become the preferred building material which is a shame as there will be nothing to hand down to our family therefore nothing with restoration value.  That's why these two pedal cars here hold even more importance – in memory and in value.

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