Easy Rider Revisited

The 1970s may seem like they all happened in a fog to a lot of us but memories of things that were authentically outstanding are sharp and clear. This former 1970s FX Harley must have many stories attached to it but rather than heading for a rusty grave somewhere out back of someone’s home, at some point it had been transposed into a full chopper with a hard tail kit and the rear suspension completely deleted.

When the new owner Tyler got his hands on this genuinely rare find, he had a vision of keeping the 70s style chopper look and realized it just needed some help in adding a few upgrades.  Working with Al at Whiplash Customs, they came up with a plan to incorporate these upgrades but keep that irreplaceable 70s style.  

This beauty boasts an original 70s Harley Shovelhead engine, all upgraded with S&S internals (engine built by “Freddy”).  The early 70s 4 speed transmission is rebuilt by Al with the expert assistance from Pig’s Cycle in Nanaimo.  It has a 4 over front end with machined, smooth lower legs and a 21” front wheel with a spool (look ma, no front brake!).  

This preservation of memory and style, combined with a few modern upgrades, all came together in the final re-assembly in the Whiplash Customs’ shop.  The owner Tyler, was purposely kept from the day to day progress so he could fully see and appreciate his dreams and goals when they all came together. It was worth the wait.

Recollections of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in the 1969 classic film Easy Rider come to mind to everyone who first sees this bike.  Tyler got the look and performance he was going for and can honestly say he owns a piece of the 1970s that is a product of the style and technique this movie inspired.

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