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Cool Canes Joins Whiplash Customs

We are excited to anounce that Cool Canes has joined forces with Whiplash Customs!  Both companies are owned and operated by Al and Wanda but in the pursuit of streamlining a more efficient business machine, this sounded like a superb idea!  Whiplash Customs’ reputation as an above-excellent metal fabrication and vintage restoration provider equals the excellence we have injected into our Cool Canes. We are all about the metal and the extraordinary quality.

We are happily breaking all the rules in traditional mobility devices with the goal of redefining perceptions. Fascinating people who ride motorcycles, worship classic cars, admire and/or collect fascinating memorabilia, also desire a non-traditional type of cane to use, either for fashion or support. If you are looking for a fashion accessory or a truly unique gift, our styles continue to attract an interesting and eclectic range of users from gothic, biker, Hollywood celebrity, rapper and elegant to seniors, musicians, vintage collectors and folks who just want to look their very best. Break out of that world that believes mobility devices need to be boring! Our canes are the only ones on the world market with this much style and quality – own a piece of outstanding individuality today!

*Contact us for sizing information or measure your current cane so we can make sure you get the right length.

We accept PayPal, certified check, email transfer or cash for payment.  Orders may be placed by phone or email. We look forward to being a part of your changed and wonderful world!


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The Holeshot™  $449*

Holeshot Skull handle close-upCoolCanes_0721_Large_Web Holeshot close-upCoolCanes_0703_Large_Web Holeshot full CoolCanes_0616_Large_Web

This is a character inspired design – the infamous Al Capone. We designed a gangster style custom motorcycle and this walking cane seemed a natural offspring of the idea. The shaft is gloss midnight black intermittently machined through to the highly polished aluminum to represent the holes in a folding stock sub machine gun, commonly used by gangsters in the 1930’s. For the gun enthusiast, gangster fan or just looking for that dangerous, mysterious persona, this is the mobility device or fashion accessory for you.

Available with skull, sphere or Fritz handle.

The Crusader™  $449*

Crusader Shaft   CoolCanes_0640_Website

The Crusader™ – to reconquer, one to advocate reform. This is our first design and has special significance. It was designed for an injured motorcyclist who desired to remain a part of his culture but he felt uncomfortable and vulnerable with a standard walking cane. It was important to him to take the focus off his disability and on to the mobility accessory he carried with pride. The Maltese Cross is a familiar icon in the biker industry and signifies strength, endurance and perseverance. This cane is creatively machined from solid billet aluminum of highest quality grade. The shaft is currently available in gloss midnight black only – currently out of stock of the two-tone style. This is a jaw-dropping work of art and one to gain attention and respect.

Available with Fritz, skull or sphere handle.

The Ivy Rose™  $449*

Ivy Rose handle close-up CoolCanes_0765_Small_Web   CoolCanes_0611_Large_Web

The Ivy Rose™ is one of the most beautiful walking canes ever encountered, according to our field testing opinion survey. The red is magnificent in a candy apple with the intricately engraved roses and vines trailing up the shaft. The additional rose and vine embedded on the end of the handle facing forward lends an elegance and serene beauty that parallels none other. This is class and distinction at its best. The handle is also candy apple red and is Fritz style for comfort – it can be interchanged with any of our other handles (skull or sphere). This is one of our most popular assistive accessories, chosen as a gift for a loved one and is also a desired choice amongst the celebrity scene.

The Black Widow™  $539*

Black Widow2_0741_Small_Web   Black Widow1_0587_Small_Web

What can we say? This absolutely cool accessory appeals to a wide variety of people who get a thrill out of being “just a little out there”. From gothic to halloween to ghost chasers and just those that happen to like spiders – this is the cane for you. Hip hop, rappers and rockers, this one is for you too.  The gloss midnight black shaft is contrasted with polished rings that give it a classy and fitting look. The web is an outstanding masterpiece of design – set onto the handle and shaft so that your hand fits comfortably on the customized longer-Fritz style handle. Please note interchangeable handles are not available for this style due to the unique design of the web. The end of the handle facing forward as you walk features the Black Widow herself. Machined entirely from highest grade aluminum and finished to an outstanding result that will have everyone in awe of your work of art that doubles as solid support. This is so cool and one of our favorites.  The Black Widow goes far beyond your standard walking cane.

The Janell™  $379*

Janell star close-up CoolCanes_0681_Large_Web  Janell in blue  CoolCanes_0625_Small_WebThe Janell 008

Inspired by one of the key people involved in the birth of Cool Canes Inc., this design is for the rising star. The upper shaft is a dazzling display of engraved and shooting stars set in a transparent candy background -also available in stunning black. The lower shaft is a tapered, highly polished, high-grade aluminum and the handle is a comfortable sphere again in matching transparent candy (black Janell goes well with polished or black sphere or skull handle). Fritz handle is also available. This is a show stopper walking cane that offers both beauty and support as a stylish mobility device or a fashion accessory – this is a top pick as a gift for someone who is a star in your life.

*Please note:  Currently available in blue or black only.

The Musician™  $379*

Black-Musician Blue-Musician  Musician wht bkgrd

Music is a part of every culture and this walking cane personifies the song in your soul. Sir Elton John is the owner of the first one we made and it suits him perfectly, encapsulating his love of color and style.  The score engraved on this stunning accessory is not from particular composition but music is a language on its own and The Musician™ speaks volumes. Unique, classy, fashionable, supportive – all in one conversation piece that will have music lovers (and who isn’t) stop and say “that is the coolest cane!” Available in green, red, black and blue with Fritz, sphere or skull handle.

The Four Aces™  $479*

Four Aces in red   Black 4 Aces 011

Appealing to the gambler or someone who just “dabbles in the cards”, this outstanding work of art doubles as strong support and an eye-catching conversation piece. The upper shaft is available in candy red or black with contrasting wraparound poker chips. The engraving is the ever-famous four aces from a standard deck of playing cards as well as some lucky dice. The lower shaft is highly polished and the handle can be either matched in red or black or left as a polished sphere or even a skull for added impact – or a Fritz handle!

The Midnight Rose™  $379*

Midnight Rose in blue  Hawaiian Ivy Rose close-up with sphere          Midnight Rose1

An offshoot of the original Ivy Rose™, the newly designed Midnight Rose™ has an upper shaft with the same intricate rose and vine engraving but the lower shaft is tapered and polished to a high luster. Classy, elegant and comfortable, this supportive walking cane combines beauty with durability and great for any occasion. Available in candy red or Hawaiian, this cool walking accessory can also be paired with a Fritz, sphere or skull handle.

* Plus shipping $65.00 within North America and applicable provincial taxes in Canada.

Motorcycle Cane Mount  $169*

*Plus $50 shipping within North America and applicable provincial taxes in Canada.

Cane Mount for PR 005 Cane Mount Installed

Finally! A classy, functional mount for your motorcycle that safely and conveniently holds your cane while you are riding. As a complete kit, this cane mount comes with the front fork clamps, an aluminum powder coated tube with safety strap, allan wrench and full instructions. This patented mount blends well with your motorcycle, is durable and attractive, is easily accessible from the seated position and is a snap to install.

What size do you need? You can email us with your make and model and size of front forks and we’ll ensure you have the correct size.

How do you measure your front forks? Use a piece of non-sticky tape like painter’s tape and wrap it around the front fork of your motorcycle, ending at the start point. Remove the tape and measure the length. 4 3/8” equals a 35 mil fork.  4 7/8” equals a 39 mil fork.  5 1/8” equals a 41 mil fork.

Please note the Cool Canes Motorcycle Mount will not fit a motorcycle with full fairing or Nacelle style headlights.

Words From A Happy Cane Mount User

Hi guys, I just had to send a note and thank you for your great service. First how fast you got my cane mount to me and how you kept me updated with you emails and tracking numbers. The mount is everything I hope it would be, installed in minutes, well made and looks great.The guys at work were very impressed by the photo how it blends with the bike. My girlfriend who uses a cane and the reason I got it can’t believe I did that for her. Well I just said nothing says love like a cool cane mount on a custom Harley. LOL.   Now I can get her to ride too.  Thanks for improving the quality of life and a job well done.

– Tommy O. New Jersey U.S. 

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